Tigers in Cages
Living in Mizzou Quarantine Housing
In September, students in MU’s quarantine housing took to Twitter and TikTok, sharing stories of unsafe and uncleanliving environments. Some students also claimed the university repeatedly forgot to bring them food. These posts were compiled and published by University of Misery, a satirical and political Twitter account centered around the university.

MU would then draw national media attention when Mun Choi, MU chancellor and UM system president, blocked several students on his personal Twitter account after they criticized the university’s response to COVID-19. Students were eventually unblocked.

Nine of the SEC’s 14 schools provide data in their pandemic portals as to how many students are isolating on campus and how much space there is left to manage any future outbreaks. MU is not one of them.

Of the nine SEC schools whose COVID-19 dashboards provide data on current active cases, MU ranks sixth-best.

In the SEC, at least five schools implemented randomized sentinel testing. Two of those schools — the Universities of Alabama and Kentucky — also required entry testing at the beginning of the semester for its 25,000-plus student population. MU has not provided entry or sentinel testing. Instead, it decided against “widespread testing of asymptomatic individuals because of… the low prevalence of the virus in Boone County,” according to the Show-Me Renewal Plan published in June. MU does not publicize the number of tests its students, faculty and staff have received.

As of the publication of this film in November, MU has 114 active student cases and 40 active staff and faculty cases. The university has reported over 2,000 COVID-19 cases since Aug. 19, 2020.
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